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Eddy Romero

01.01.2030 - 00:00

Eddy Romero is an artist with many music influences that started working on mid 90’s , he used different aliases in the past like Sysknob or Magneto.Phono to name few , owner of Expmental Records a label that is having nice success actually and his most important proyect Soundvision ( www.soundvision.es ) a management


01.01.2025 - 00:00

Time has changed | BluFin | groove on | Plastic City | Soap | Circus Clearwater Beach, Ibiza via Cocoon Club back to Groß Gerau only to name a few destinations of this DJ & Producer.
After releases on Time Has Changed, BluFin Plastic City, Circus, Soap and others Mikel runs now his own Label Cirus Records.


01.01.2020 - 00:00

Ever since NEVERM!ND aka Markus Schatz and Anneke Laurent met in summer 2011, their success story was one to follow. The connection between the two of them was not only perceptible in their friendship but also and most importantly in their way of making music and bringing it to perfection.

WSE 016 - Africa - Sandro Sincero - Incl. Jumaira

12.10.2018 - 15:24

Sandro Sincero is back with 2 great tracks. Africa is the topic he chose. His mate Jumaira joint the EP with another tibal track. The whole EP sounds deep and groov.

WSE 015 - Women - Barrows - Incl. Luy Young, Sandro Sincero & Bedran. Remix

02.07.2018 - 10:06

WirSindEins Records continues its release schedule with Barrows his fat track Women. Accompanied with remix from Sandro Sincero, Bedran. and Lui Young.

WSE 014 - Fire in his Eye - Jay Mexx

02.07.2018 - 10:03

Text coming soon

WSE 013 - Walk Back - Sinan Kaya - Incl. Luca M & BFLY, Jumaira Remix

29.06.2018 - 10:09

We are back with another 4 track EP, called Walk Back". This time we have the honour of having Sinan Kaya from Istanbul on board. He released on City Life, Society 3.0, Bubendzauber, Cyanide etc. Walk Back" and To The Stars", both tracks with a sexy

WSE 012 - Finally The One - Sandro Sincero - Incl. Jumaira Remix

29.06.2018 - 10:05

Text coming soon

WSE 011 - Every Time - Bedran. - Incl. Frank Apollo

29.06.2018 - 10:02

Bedran. spent Miranda and Every Time and those tracks sound great. Smooth vocals and sexy beats, minimalistic but awesome. To complete the EP, Frank Apollo delivered Lucky Strike. More house feeling is coming up, exactly right in time for the upcoming summer.

WSE 010 - The Womb - Neverm!nd - Incl. Higuchi Remix

29.06.2018 - 09:55

Let present you our next piece of jewelry, "The Womb EP" . Neverm!nd appeared for the first time on Wirsindeins Records with a remix of Iori Wakasa his track "Take U Antarctica" and now they are present with their own EP. "The Womb" "Shadows"

WSE 009 - Winter Colors - Pit Ahmeti - Incl. Frank Apollo Remix

29.06.2018 - 09:19

Coming soon

WSE 007 - The Waves Are Coming - Blade&Beard

26.09.2016 - 20:52

Blade & Beard, two youngster from Tehran and with Homebase in Switzerland, have there lunch at WirSindEins. Holland In My Dreams is im time ready for the coming summer. smooth waves with a deep and tight base line. The Waves Are Coming is a little darker, sprayed with fxs and Vocals.

Unsere Beweggründe

03.02.2015 - 11:58

Thank you UBWG for promoting our release WSE006 - Rainman EP of Iori Wakasa

direct link:

WSE 008 - Love Goes Deeper EP - Ugur Project

07.11.2014 - 12:48

Love goes Deeper, this is our new release from Ugur Project, our family member. He is so productive with releasing on different labels named Audiolove, City Life, Cyanide, Ostwind and more up to yet, so that we are happy he found time to spend these 3 amazing tracks included the remix of Jumaira.

Blade & Beard

12.10.2014 - 00:00

Bio will follow next...

WSE 006 - Rainman EP - Iori Wakasa

13.09.2014 - 12:39

Rainman EP is the first release of Iori Wakasa, our Japanese family member, on our label. He is a well known artist in the electronic scene and just released on Highgrade Records and SAW Records his last works.

Frank Apollo

12.08.2014 - 00:00

With his unique gift to influent, enthuse and make the crowd go crazy about his music, Frank Apollo is one of the most interesting upcoming dj’s! With his positive vibes and style of djing, this young fella aims to inspire as many people as possible.

WSE 005 - Jumaira - On The Road Again

14.07.2014 - 08:28

Jumaira - the new talented youngster at the tech-house sky, presents his debut release on "Wir sind Eins".
Two sexy tracks "On The Road Again" and "The Other Way”, full of deep bass lines and percussions. He captures the

Evlear.com ...

21.12.2013 - 09:58

Thank you Evlear.com for supporting and promoting our release WSE003 - We Are Groove Cirqus

direct link:

WSE 004 - SaxoJazzy - Lui Young

16.12.2013 - 20:07

It’s time to announce the next release of WirSindEins Records for Artist Lui Young, also known as Eleminal, who already released on labels like Miniload, VeryVeryWrong Indeed, Colludo etc.

WSE 003 - We are Groove Cirqus EP

29.10.2013 - 22:24

Unfortunately it took a bit of time to present here our third release, but luckily enough we are happy to show you now "We are Groove Cirqus EP". The duo from Italy brings three great tunes with enormous, nice rhythms on drums and percussion.

Happy welcome Iori Wakasa

28.10.2013 - 19:26

Our further increase / growth to our WSE-family is Iori Wakasa. His music reflects the warm and rich fellowship in the brain addictive groove and raw humanity of his own with Hard softness and and delicate, organic and is entangled in a complex.

Benvenuto Groove Cirqus ....

12.10.2013 - 18:56

They started well 2013 with some tracks on 911 Recordings, Ban-off Music etc. and we are proud the present an 12 inch EP from these guys, soon as our third release in November 2013

Groove Cirqus

12.10.2013 - 18:36

Groove Cirqus is an Italian duo formed by Cucurachi Marco and Alessandro Sutto in 2008. Combining the talent of Alessandro on keyboards and the experience of Marco in DJing, they began their search for a new sound based on the Soulful music and Underground music, starting their music production.

Video online - WSE-Cardinal Point

14.07.2013 - 20:32

Hey out there...

... find here the video of "Cardinal Point" by Lui Young, release date August 2013

We say hello and welcome...

24.05.2013 - 17:32

We are glad and happy to announce and to welcome our resident artists Lui Young alias Eleminal, Sandro Sincero and Higuchi by the WirSindEins Records family.

Let us give you some short info / small intro about these artists:

WSE 001 - Higuchi - Yinyer delighted me

18.05.2013 - 15:06

It is the right moment for a furious start for WirSindEins Records with Higuchi and its tracks "Yinyer delighted me" and "Departure".

WSE 002 - Sandro Sincero, Lui Young - Ti Piace

23.01.2013 - 15:30

After the great start with our first release, let's move on to the next bomb called "Ti Piace" (Sandro Sincero and Lui Young). Ti Piace is fresh and packed with smooth italian vocals and deep melodies.


18.05.2010 - 16:51

Hao Higuchi is passionate about the electronic music since a very young age. From that time up to the present, he has not stopped looking for so many music influences that defines his current style. Although his taste is always about techno and house music in general.

Iori Wakasa

12.10.2009 - 18:26

Iori Wakasa was born in the small island's regional cities, surrounded by sea and mountains. And He grew up in a house that flows some laser disc of classic from childhood, to touch the keyboard for the first time in the 3-year-old.


21.12.2008 - 13:20

Oliver, a deejay and producer since the beginning of the techno movement, lives his love for electronic music allways with lots of enthusiasm and creativity.

Lui Young alias Eleminal

17.01.2008 - 23:31

Lui Young alias Eleminal discovered the electronic world or even better the electronic world discovered him. Inspired by several party visits and big artists like Sven Väth, Adam Beyer, Hell and influenced by these artists he was carried into the world of techno.

Steve Cole

01.01.2005 - 00:00

Steve Cole - Shoot of the sound globe. "Essential, the sound cocktails should raise fruitful on the hotbed of the electro culture", so the poetical formulated endeavor of the beat missioner - Steve Cole. When Steve Cole is announced, the crowds covet admission to see and hear his tunes.


01.01.2001 - 14:41

Routed from the oldschool Chicago house beats Tonedelinquent is a DJ/ Producer willing to keep alive that old flavoured music with raw and dirty beats.

Toni Rios

01.01.2000 - 00:00

Toni Rios launched in 1989 at the age of 18. In the mid nineties he got his final touch at the still legendary club Omen in Frankfurt on the Main, continuing his acting career as international DJ. Toni Rios became subsequently a solid constituent of the Cocoon Booking Agency and Cocoon Events.

Sandro Sincero

22.01.1990 - 23:34

Sandro Sincero was passionate about the music in young years. As he went to primary school he attended a musical theory school and began playing piano. So he acquired the theory about the music and how to play music. At the age of 14, he has been confronted with turntables and a mixing desk for the first time.


01.01.1990 - 00:00

One of Japan's emerging artists, YOSA, was born in 1988. After spending 2 years in France and 1year in England, YOSA started a career as a DJ and Producer. His groovy and funky style is deeply influenced by black music like Jazz and Hip Hop.

Ugur Project

01.01.1985 - 20:38

The DJ known as Ugur Project was born in Istanbul, Turkey. At the age of 16 he became involved in country's first dance radio station "Radio 2019" which had a great impact in the promotion and development of the electronic music scene in Turkey.

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