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WSE 004 - SaxoJazzy - Lui Young

It’s time to announce the next release of WirSindEins Records for Artist Lui Young, also known as Eleminal, who already released on labels like Miniload, VeryVeryWrong Indeed, Colludo etc.

The name of his track is called SaxoJazzy, as you can imagine it has some influences of Saxophone with groovy and sexy beats followed by a tight synth. Overall a very impressive creation made by Lui Young.

His buddies, Toni Rios & Mikel, Eddy Romero and Sandro Sincero arranged the remixes and we are proud to have them on our fourth release.

Toni Rios, one of the most famous name in the electronic world, in collaboration with Mikel, created a Dub Mix, which sounds really amazing. Wrapped, screwed-up Saxo and Piano, accompanied with deep, full kicks and straight snares, give this Dub version the final touch.

Eddy Romero, a talented artist and lover of minimalistic and experimental sounds, produced a groovy dark style remix. Sandro Sincero, a family member of WirSindEins Records, present his kind of SaxoJazzy. Deep, sweet, but also cheeky.

In fact we are sure this EP will be a floor filler.

Feedbacks „SaxoJazzy EP“
1. Daniel Bortz (Suol) - will try, thanks
2. Eddie Hu (Revox Records, Nervous Records) - Eddy remix for me, great ! Favorite Track: Eddy Romero remix
3. Nudisco (Yellow Tail, Takt, Great Stuff) - nice rmx, also toni
4. Robert Grand (additan radio, Additan Recordings) - Sounds good, Thank you. Favorite Track: Eddy Romero remix
5. DJ Misk (Radio AltroVerso // Rome, AltroVerso) - Playlist in altroverso radio
6. Richie Hawtin (Minus) - downloaded for r hawtin
7. Todd Burns (Resident Advisor) - Thanks ! Favorite Track: Original Mix
8. Edgar de Ramon (Mindshake / Kiara records) - Downloading, thanks for the music ☺
9. Chris Drifter (Baroque Records / SoundTribe Rekords) - really cool tracks I like the original version and Sandro Sincero remix, will play for sure
10. Salvo Buonocore (Polluted Records) - Cool sound !!!
11. Repton (Login records) - like all the mixes here, nice stuff thanks
12. LAURENT N. (LCR & Electropical Records / Various Radio ShowS) - Cool Original track with good remixes. Will play & support. Favorite Track: Toni Rios, Mikel remix
13. Giuliano A.L. (Hotel Es Vive' Ibiza Cafe Del Mar Ibiza Kama Sushi Ibiza) - Good Track Thanks. Favorite Track: Toni Rios, Mikel remix
14. Pressure (Promoter) (http://www.electric-lounge.net) - Toni Rios rmx for me
15. Schaeufler & Zovsky (3000 Grad / Acker / Simpleasthat) - Good Stuff thx ;-) Favorite Track: Eddy Romero remix
16. Enzo Tedeschi (No-Attitude Recordings) - Track 3 is nice, will try it
17. David Bartlett (Deep Dynamic – DE Radio) - totally going to use this the next time I hit the decks I higly rate the original mix and I’m quite partial tot he Sandro Sincero remix too. Great sounding work involved in this ep thanks guys. Favorite Track: Original Mix
18. Marq Aurel (Believe) - Nice. Favorite Track: Toni Rios, Mikel remix
19. Fabio Ferrini (Miamibeachbers Rec.) - Nice work guys. Favorite Track: Toni Rios remix
20. Iori Wakasa (Leaves Records, eMBI Music) - great stuffs, support ☺ Favorite Track: Original Mix