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Eddy Romero

Eddy Romero is an artist with many music influences that started working on mid 90’s , he used different aliases in the past like Sysknob or Magneto.Phono to name few , owner of Expmental Records a label that is having nice success actually and his most important proyect Soundvision ( www.soundvision.es ) a management company involved in very important events like off Sonar Parties and taking care of many gigs and parties all around the world.

As an artist and being a lover of minimalistic and experimental sounds you will get him involved in a groovy dark style and you will find all his experience from the past using old school sounds , and parameters from all the times, Is like to get them all fusionate and get the result . When he started with this Alias he get the attention of many labels and started releasing in brands like Escapism Musique , Highway , Malatoid , Pild and being remix by artist like Oxia , Zoe Xenia or Rhadow where this last one get in Beatports top 20 for month and a half minimal section . Every release he does gets in charts and attention of many artists and slowly is having his position on the underground scene. On 2014 he signed with Little Helpers in a proyect that will go forward together with Frink . Also he has signed some vinyls and has future collaborations and releases with well known artists and labels on the scene that will be revealed during the year.

As Dj he has play all around the world in very important clubs like Fabrik ( Madrid ) , Studio Martin ( Bucharest ) , Liv ( Mumbai , India ) , Family Club ( Toledo ) , Plastic Beach Club ( Ibiza ) , Goa Beach Club ( Barcelona ) , Macarena ( Barcelona ) Losing Control ( Berlin ). He is every year also in off sonar parties and get tours in continents like Asia . His sets are not one style based he hates Tags and thinks that a set should have everything, all ingredients to make people feel and enjoy the event. Don’t miss his Monthly Deep And Sense free mix.